Shooting & Stalking

Red Grouse Shooting and Red Stag Stalking

Visitors from all round the world come to Invercauld to enjoy walked-up and driven red grouse shooting and red stag and roe deer buck stalking. We have 4 beats across the Estate and can often supply the stalking guest with a day or two stalking. We have different degrees of stalking, some relatively easy in forest or woodland and some very challenging out on the open hill side on difficult terrain.

All parties are accompanied by very experienced game keepers and stalkers. On some beats the stags are brought home from the hill on a ‘garron’ or stalking pony. This is a marvelous and very traditional sight and a fitting end to the days sport. On other beats we use Argocats to extract the beasts. The stalking experience at Invercauld is a highlight for many people and we have many regular guests who travel to us from all over the world to take part in an age old way of life. Occasionally we have single days to let and if you are interested please contact the Estate Office as early in the year as possible to avoid disappointment.

Roe Deer
We have a healthy population of roe deer spread throughout the Estate and it may be possible for let accompanied roe stalking days to be arranged. Once again, please contact the Estate Office.

Hare Shooting

We also offer hare shooting days, these are usually let to a team of guns and can take the shape of walked up, driven or a combination of both. You will be accompanied by gamekeepers who will endeavor to reach your target bag. This usually takes place in winter conditions and can be extremely challenging.


We are very proud users of the Hillphone system which was set up several years ago to inform walkers in the area of stalking activities and when and where these would be taking place. Recorded messages are left on telephones for 3 of our 4 beats, and these indicate the routes which will/may be affected by stalking .We also try to predict the stalking activities over the next few days. In general, the Hillphone guidelines are to please keep to the main paths and ridges, to avoid cutting down through corries in your descent( this is where stalking will be underway) and to avoid unnecessary noise. We would also ask you to keep all dogs under firm control to prevent any harm being done to wildlife, especially in Spring and early summer. The Hillphone numbers for our stalking beats are:

GLENSHEE…01250 885288  
CALLATER and CLUNIE…013397 41997
INVERCAULD…013397 41911.

You can access much more information about Hillphones and their use from